How to Make Hand-Pulled Noodles with Cook’s Science

Turn your kitchen into a hand-pulled noodle shop.

Ready to turn your kitchen into a noodle shop? In this video, Cook’s Science test cook Tim Chin shows you how to make chewy, flat, hand-pulled noodles at home. Their traditional name—biang biang mian—refers to the sound made when the noodles are slapped against a table to stretch them. These noodles are dressed with a simple Sichuan-inspired chili oil vinaigrette, but once you master the technique, the possibilities for different noodle dishes are virtually endless.

Watch the video above! Then, check out our feature story about the science of hand-pulled noodles and get the full recipe for Flat Hand-Pulled Noodles (Biang Biang Mian) with Chili Oil Vinaigrette.


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